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Stephen Lee B.Sc R.Ac R.TCMP
Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Practitioner

Stephen graduated from University of Waterloo with an Honours Bachelor of Science degree. He pursued his interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine and completed a Diploma of Acupuncture program from the Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He is an active member of College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario (CTCMPAO). His clinical experience includes acupuncture clinic at Agape Health Care, Strolf Wellness Rehabilitation, Beaches Family Practice and Walk In and Physiotherapy Fix.
Many of his patients with pain conditions including muscular/joint injuries, migraine, menstrual disorder, insomnia and psychological (depression, anxiety) concerns have benefitted from acupuncture treatment. Stephen continues to further his interest in women’s reproductive health and has helped many couples avoid invasive procedures such as IVF and provided successful fertility and pregnancy treatments.

In his practice, specializing in internal disorders and pain management, he believes in an integrated approach to treatment, advocating lifestyle and diet adjustment in conjunction with the use of acupuncture with herbal medicine, nutritional counseling, Tuina massage therapy and qigong where appropriate.

Celeste Park B.A. R.Ac R.TCMP
Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Practitioner

Celeste is a registered acupuncturist and a registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, a professional member of Colleg of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario, and clinical director of Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic at AcuLife, where she treats pain syndrome for a wide variety of issues including spondylosis, neck/shoulder pain, carpel tunnel syndrome, lower back pain, sciatica, headache, and knee pain. Kind and empathetic, with psychology degree, Celeste excels at supporting patients who are suffering from depression and anxiety. Celeste also has training in Cosmetic Acupuncture and provides nutritional counseling to patients when necessary. Her clinical experience include MedRehab Group and Ritacco Chiropractic Wellness Clinic.
Celeste believes that disease is an out of balance state. Her primary goal of treatment is to bring one’s homeostasis that aims to restore harmony and to bring about the state where self-healing may naturally occur. She uses a broad range of modes to counsel patients including exercise, diet, detoxification and meditation that each contributes to health.